by Adelaide Borthwick (continued)

Another story of the house also relates to the war. At the time the land Army had requisitioned part of the house. Harry Borthwick was in Germany. John and Henry were quite small and were in the house with their nurse and Mother. One night, their Mother was awoken from her sleep by a voice, which said to her to go down to the Library. This room at the time was full of furniture, cists of papers and other material. Margaret Borthwick had really no idea of what was in the room. The voice led her to a box, which she was told to remove for safe keeping to the other end of the house. The following night, the library was badly damaged by smoke from a fire in the west gable of the house. A good amount of the material in the room was lost. The box that had been mysteriously rescued, contained illuminated documents that were subsequently sold which helped pay for the restoration of this part of the house.

As a footnote to these tales, I must mention finding a report of a séance, which was held at Crookston, when sorting out some papers, after we had moved into the Big House. The paper is headed:

ON 12TH APRIL 1938

It begins thus: " A series of disturbances of an abnormal character, including noises, the sound of footsteps in unoccupied rooms and passages, and the movement of furniture occurring in Crookston house, the seat of the Borthwick family in Midlothian, prompted the owner, Mr Borthwick to suggest investigation to the Edinburgh Psychic College, 30 Heriot Row, and accordingly it was arranged that a party should go out to the house on Tuesday evening 12th April, 1938"
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