The Borthwick Family Lineage (2)

Lineage: Sir WILLIAM de BORTHWICK, 1st of Borthwick, Ambassador to England 1398-1415, Captain of Edinburgh Castle 1420, Commissioner to treat for the release of James I, King of Scots 1423 and Substitute hostage for the king 1424-27, Borthwick lands Charter granted by the Regent Robert, Duke of Albany 1410, married Margaret Hay, daughter of Sir Thomas Hay of Lochorwart (see TWEEDDALE, M), and died by 1430, having had issue,
1a Sir WILLIAM de BORTHWICK, 2nd of Borthwick, see below.

2a George BORTHWICK, Archdeacon of Glasgow, Canon of Aberdeen, Rector of Lochorwart, born circa 1385; died without issue 1447.

3a John BORTHWICK, priest, born circa 1393; died unmarried.

4a Margaret BORTHWICK, married first Sir William Abernethy, younger of Saltoun (killed at the Battle of Harlaw 24 July 1411), son of William Abernethy, 6th of Saltoun, and had issue (see SALTOUN OF ABERNETHY, L). Margaret ABERNETHY, married second (dispensation 9 December 1420) William Douglas (born September 1390; died without issue 1425), eldest son of James, 1st Lord Dalkeith (see MORTON, E) and his first wife Elizabeth, daughter of ROBERT III, King of Scots (see ROYAL LINEAGE).

5a Janet BORTHWICK, married (dispensation 2 November 1411) Sir Adam Hepburn of Hailes (died 1446), son of Patrick Hepburn, younger of Hailes, and had issue (see BUCHAN-HEPBURN, Bt).


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