1603 James V1 of Scotland succeeds to English Throne as James 1st
Union of the Crowns

John, 8th Lord Borthwick dies and is succeeded by his son John, 9th Lord Borthwick 1623
1625 Charles 1st King of England
1648 End of Thirty Years was. Rump Parliament elected John, 9th Lord Borthwick holds castle of Borthwick against Protector Cromwell, until he obtained terms of honourable surrender in 1650  
1649 Charles 1st executed 1650
1657 Cromwell refuses English crown John, 9th Lord Borthwick dies, when maile line of 4th Lord failed, and his estates passed to his nephew, John Dundas, son of his sister, who was served as his heir. Title remained dormant until 1762, but right of succession passed to descendants of Alexander Borthwick, 3rd son of 2nd Lord, his cousin and male heir: William de jure, 10th Lord Borthwick - Major in the Army  
1660 Charles 11 proclaimed King  
1665 Great plague in London  
1666 Great fire of London 1672
1689 William and Mary proclaimed King and Queen William de jure, 10th Lord Borthwick dies (c1687-90) and is succeeded by his son, William de jure 11th Lord Borthwick - Captain in Cameronian Regiment 1690
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